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As a pure and concentrated source of zeolite detoxification, ClearTRS is a total solution to safely ridding harmful toxins from the body.

Lead, mercury, aluminum and arsenic have unfortunately found their way into our bodies due to our modern environment. ClearTRS utilizes zeolite detoxification at the cellular level, by trapping these harmful toxins and removing them from the body, revealing your body’s whole potential.

ClearTRS will help to carry certain nutrients more effectively, balance the pH and boost the immune system. ClearTRS is incredibly renewing, allowing for a healthier, more vibrant individual.

The Science of Zeolites

The ClearTRS Zeolite molecule is 100% soluble in water and therefore can pass through the blood-brain barrier. It is made from a naturally occurring substance found in the earth called Clinoptilolite, which is on the FDA list of substances with GRAS status.

Zeolite is a "chelating" agent that binds with heavy metals, including mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, copper and nickel, as well as numerous other toxins, to safely remove them from the body.

It is taken orally and has a removal rate of 20% to 25% a month.

The Zeolite molecule is best visualized as a kite and tail. The kite portion is composed of two "cages," one with four sides and the other with five, and is positively charged. The tail is composed of ionic sites composed of silica, oxygen and magnesium. The oxygen ionic site is negatively charged and the silica and magnesium ionic sites are positively charged.

Heavy metals absorbed into the body attach themselves to the fat surrounding the body's cells. Zeolites work because the negatively charged oxygen ionic site in the tail attracts the positively charged heavy metal molecules, which become attached and are subsequently carried out of the body in the urine.

With multiple published clinical studies, and more in progress, the efficacy of our zeolite product is unmatched.

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